by PROWISE | Booth: 13-B110

Active Learning with Prowise and Intel RealSense Technology Read the blog by Intel about the MOVE camera here.


“Learning through motion becomes an everyday activity with the Prowise MOVE camera. Pupils are learning through interactive games on the Prowise Touchscreen, without physically touching the screen. They are stimulated to get in motion through games. This is not only a lot of fun, but also has a positive influence on the learning outcomes”, said Prowise director Erik Neeskens.

The Intel® RealSense™ camera in combination with the technology in the screen registers your every move. These motions are converted into a 3D image of you, enabling the screen to follow and broadcast your movements on the Touchscreen. Prowise has developed its own range of educational games for MOVE. The games are specially developed for education and trigger pupils to get in motion while they conduct cognitive exercises.