by ACME | Booth: 5-S140

ACME OXOZONE CM-800Z IP The quality of its color-mixing and pixel controlling make the OXOZONE capable of handling even the most demanding environments. With tailor-made magnesium alloy die casting housing, robust construction and IP65-ratings, the OXOZONE is designed for both indoor and outdoor application–in any situations from dusty deserts to rainy fields, from evening party to outdoor performances.

Thanks to its long lifespan LEDS, make this groundbreaking fixture offering an extended operational life and reducing maintenance requirement.

Equipped with DMX and RDM dual-controlling system and fast & mute operating function, gives lighting designer much more convenience on changing color, angle and light effect flexibly.

It also offers a USB port for software updates and fitted with 5-pin (Optional 3-pin) DMX In/Out, Powercon In/Out connectors to daisy chain power.