by Neets | Booth: 1-M140

A sustainable meeting room with Neets Sustainability is a hot topic in public fora, with millennials and Gen Z leading the debate and putting pressure on politicians and industry to act. Companies worldwide are implementing sustainable practices in their operations. The trend is also making its way into the AV industry in the form of sustainable materials and energy-efficient products.
A Neets Control System solution can significantly reduce energy consumption, thanks to motion detection and scheduled shutdown functions. Neets calculated that a combination of a keypad control system and PIR sensor has a payback period of as little as 50 days in terms of KwH saved.
Neets is launching a new 8” Touch Panel – ECO whose enclosure is made from recycled plastic – reducing CO2 emissions in production. The touch panel is ideal for companies who wish to introduce meeting room elements that are equally sustainable and esthetical.
Neets ‘green’ touch panel is pre-launching at ISE 2020 – shipping late spring.