by EZCast Pro | Booth: 13-B155

A Stylish Wireless Meeting Room Designed by Leetcom In a partnership with Leetcom, the Sweden IT solution specialist, QuattroPod is now available for businesses that are looking for a functional and sophisticated conference room solution.

Leetcom has set up the conference room with function and aesthetics.

In this setting, the QuattroPod receiver is carefully connected to the TV, while the QuattroPod transmitter is placed at the center of the conference table, where participants can easily access the QuattroPod transmitter to send signals through compatible cables.

QuattroPod transmitters and receiver communicate wirelessly, eliminating participants’ fear of tripping over cables.

A beautifully designed work space can boost morale and improve employees’ well-being. By incorporating QuattroPod’s smart design, Leetcom has created a clean and functional work environment.

Leetcom and QuattroPod aim to bring the most elegant and advanced wireless presentation technology to every workplace in Sweden.