by YDEA | Booth: 12-C20

KING OF RETAIL MARKETING ADVERTISING Japanese are the world’s most picky customers, so the question is, how can the LED All-in-one machine conquer them?
1.For one LED all-in-one machine, the thickness is 33mm, and the weight is 1.65kg, which enables the LED display can be installed by single person rapidly, saving time and labor cost.
2.The LED all-in-one machine finished installation with only 33mm thickness, which saves a lot of installation space. At the same time, there is only one connection cable between the screens, which is very simple and beautiful.
3.The LED all-in-one machine works while connecting to the MDEA playing box, which saves video processors, to make operating screen simpler. Without special training, salesclerk can upload advertisements anytime.
4.XMOZU all-in-one LED display is an outdoor digital advertising machine designed for commercial stores to display their needs, so that stores can achieve maximum business opportunities.