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VEX Robotics Nationals uses BirdDog for Live Event For the Australian VEX Nationals, Lael Grant was charged with creating a compelling live production. When planning live video productions the challenge faced by Lael and his team was the need to create a high quality livestream, an engaging in venue experience but on a reasonably tight budget.

Traditionally the level of production required for this kind of event was the domain of OB Trucks and specialist teams. It was here Lael turned to BirdDog and the power of NDI. BirdDog hardware enabled the entire production at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

BirdDog Studio NDI provided flexibility for the entire production by both encoding and decoding NDI streams.

In total there were 8 cameras attached to BirdDog Studio NDI to encode, this fed into 2 computers running vMix software. vMix allowed switching between camera sources, graphic overlays, and live streaming to the web.

Events such as these highlight the future of live video production is IP based.