by Morel | Booth: 7-W220

The slimmest architectural speaker solution in the world won the EISA 2018-2019 best product award! "Nowadays space is scarce in home environments. Integrating a high-quality speaker system can be very challenging and sometimes impossible. Well aware of this we decided to take up the challenge and developed a Hi-Fi point-source speaker solution that makes audio installation in limited spaces an easy task.” Says Oren Mordechai, Morel’s CEO and Head of R&D.

The new SoundWall™ PowerSlim series provides an innovative Hi-Fi solution for super shallow spaces where standard recessed speakers are impossible to install. Leveraging advance patented transducer technology, the PowerSlim measures an unprecedented 40mm (1.55”) depth and is offered in 6.5” 2-way in-wall and 6.5” in-ceiling configuration, the slimmest architectural solution ever made.

Morel used a completely new approach in developing the PowerSlim drivers. While current designs use much smaller drivers to achieve shallow in-wall solutions, we took the challenge to develop a true 6.5" woofer.