by OneAV – PureLink GmbH / HDANYWHERE | Booth: 1-N134

IP-System Finally Surpassing the Traditional Matrix For a long time, IP based systems have been unable to compete with the density of matrices. With this innovation, the last refuge of the Matrix comes under attack. With the advent of the 10G switch, product performance previously unheard of is suddenly available, but with all the flexibility of the Network approach.

The IPAV Series now introduces rack mountable, high density I/O solutions with broadcast standard reliability. As an addition to the rugged IPAV Pro Rental & Staging product line, this is a SDVoE system for professional AV installations.

The one remaining feature of the matrix frame was the ability to pack multiple I/O into a small space.
A single unit is never less than half rack size, meaning a maximum of only two I/O ports per 1U is the limit.
The IPAV PRO 1200 cards utilise tried and tested broadcast standard infrastructure to achieve an I/O density of 10 ports per 2U; outperforming the fixed matrix frame with all the flexibility of SDVoE technology.