by Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd | Booth: 7-R180

TG-288/TG-288Dual Digital UHF Tour Guide System The revolutionary new design TG-288/TG-288Dual brings a new look to the eTour family and carries on the success of the TG-200 series.

The TG-288/TG-288Dual has elegant appearance and comfortable grip, secure and stable transmission, crystal clear digital audio quality, larger size LCD, thoughtful built-in microphone, user-friendly interface and multiple battery options.

The external mic and aux inputs on transmitter and the separate earphone and aux outpus on receiver provide flexible group guide application.

System can choose rechargealbe or disposable battery power options for numerous applications with run time of approximately 12hrs per charge. Charging is available via micro USB port and the optional 2/12/35-slot charging cases.