by Hikvision | Booth: 8-C140

Securing offices in the 21st Century - Being as secure as work as you are at home What’s stopping someone casually walking in to your office and getting up to no good? Your reception team? What if they are busy, or distracted?

How many office buildings can you just walk into, unchallenged? Some companies operate with the theory that other colleagues will stop them. But, while this is recommended anyway, most people either don’t notice a visitor, or assume they belong there… Would you allow a stranger to simply walk into your home?

It’s said that businesses are four times more likely than homes to be broken into… which makes sense when you think about it. Some people would say there’s no ‘victim’ in an office burglary, as it’s less personal. This may be true, but that does not help a company to balance its books when it has to replace expensive equipment, or make up for losses when important information goes missing.

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