by Digging Deep LLC | Booth:

Powerful location-based VR binocular There are not many multimedia devices that can be installed in outdoor environments. Digging Deep LLC delivers powerful location-based VR device that offers an unforgettable experience to the public and capture our imagination or create memorable experiences.
On-the-go application: no additional downloads, no headset required. Just approach the Binocular and witness a powerful 360-degree VR movie.

This solution developed especially for:

– Public and Private Cultural Sites: a travel back in time with the elements of gamification and edutainment

– Providers of Event Marketing: a marketing device, that allows for visualization of products and services

– Museums and Showrooms of any vendor

– Real Estate: a 3D visualisation of prospect/present shopping malls, business-centres or real-estate in-situ

This solution can be seen at ISE 2019 on stand 14-H90, Amsterdam – NL, or at the website