by Clair Brothers | Booth: 5-T152

Clair Brothers Boosts Odissea Fun City with kiTCurve System To celebrate 25 years of activity, Giannino Venerandi, the club’s founder, decided to upgrade the PA of the main hall. The choice was a state-of-the-art Clair Brothers kiTCurve system: 2 clusters of 4 cabinets per side and 8 CS218 subwoofers, arranged in an array that follows the perimeter of the stage, for a significantly impactful sound.
The kiTCurve system with 2-way speakers, frequency response 51Hz-20kHz, output level 134.8 dB SPL, nominal impedance 8 Ohm and dispersion 90° H x 15° V is completed with the sub CS218.
“The excellent combination of compact cabinet dimensions, high performance and Lake processing on all the PLM+ amplification channels, allowed us to easily meet all the requirements of an installation with a high profile and a precise control of the dispersion at low frequencies," commented Emanuele "Lele" Luongo, Product Manager for Clair Brothers at Prase Media Technologies. Clair Brothers products are distributed in Italy by Prase Media Technologies