by Oray / Erard Pro | Booth: 3-C90

Oray Projection Systems To answer all types of requests, we have developed a second version of the projection screen Polichinelle. Without a High-Speed system, this second model becomes a standard Polichinelle with a new design and conception.

Like the Polichinelle High-Speed, the standard version is dedicated to large auditoriums, convention centers and theaters.
It is produced on demand for all image formats from 7 meters base to 20 meters beyond.

The only difference between the two versions comes from the faster motorization for the Polichinelle High-Speed.

However, the very rigid casing that is made with a welded aluminum tubular structure, winding mechanics and fastening are identical on both models. By design, the system is secure: the projection surface attached to the structure holds the winding tube, and 2 cables on each side accompany it.

The standard Polichinelle opens and closes at about 10s of the meter while the High-Speed version is 4.5 times faster.