by AUDAC | Booth: 7-M190,7-M195

AUDAC Touch 2.0 Update The Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC will soon release the 2.0. update of it’s already renowned AUDAC Touch app. AUDAC strongly believes in out of your pocket controllable audio solutions and with the Touch app you can control your entire audio installation and even more from one single application.

With this release of the AUDAC touch 2.0. update, AUDAC will introduce several ground-breaking new features such as Automatic Device Control. With this new feature the app will now automatically recognize and name all AUDAC devices in your system so you can easily add them to your dashboards and widgets.

In addition it is now also possible to add and control third party devices that support TCP/IP network commands directly from the app. This way you can not only control your AUDAC installation but also other smart devices such as your projector, lights or curtains making the AUDAC touch app a total solution.