by Waapiti | Booth: 8-C271

NBA Cafe Barcelona case study Waapiti created an amazing audiovisual experience in the first NBA restaurant in Europe. Located in Barcelona, this spectacular audiovisual space of 1200m2 integrates several types of audiovisual displays and creates an immersive dining experience.
The project includes more than 30 displays in different formats, all managed from the Waapiti content management platform: a jumbotron videowall, vertical totems, standalone displays, as well as several LED panels integrated into the stairs, windows and boxes. The most spectacular LED is a 50 m long display around the entire perimeter of the room, simulating an NBA arena.
Our in-house creative agency produced custom media for each display, combining video, HTML templates, an online social wall, and an interactive application. We created a 360º experience concept for special moments such as birthdays, fan cam or timeout, where special content is triggered on each display, customizing the entire venue for each special occasion.