by Hikvision | Booth: 8-C140

Monitors – a window into the surveillance world At the heart of all security systems is the security employee, who monitors the feeds day after day in security centres across the globe. These people are the ones staring at screens for a large part of their day. It’s this that makes monitors an important part of a security solution – if guards can see better, they can act faster. Cutting-edge, fit-for-purpose monitors can help to make the security centre much more effective – and the operators happier!
The first thing to think about is the resolution of the screens in the centre. There’s not much point in having hi-res cameras if the system has very low resolution screens to watch the footage on. On the other, resolution is one of those metrics, which can actually be less effective when it gets too high. Hikvision monitors go all the way up to 4K Ultra HD, offering the most exquisite image details and more workspace compared to 1080P to achieve better work efficiency.
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