by MODULO PI | Booth: 14-K135

Modulo Kinetic powers up the 2018 Commonwealth Games ceremonies The 21st Commonwealth Games took place in April 2018 at the Carrara stadium in Queensland, Australia. Produced by Jack Morton Worldwide, the opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular shows with 4.000 volunteer performers. To achieve the large-scale video projection in the stadium, The Electric Canvas chose 20 x Christie Boxer projectors, as well as Modulo Kinetic, a powerful media server with advanced features from Modulo Pi.
Peter Milne, Director of The Electric Canvas, explains: “It was reliable, flexible, and easy-to use in a situation that can sometimes change dramatically every day. The Modulo Pi media servers are very specifically built for technicians and for the creatives that do the type of work that we do. Because the Modulo Pi team listens to technicians and creatives that work on projects, they modify and improve their software specifically on that feedback. For us, that’s an
enormous advantage compared to other much larger companies.”