by Allsee Technologies | Booth: 8-C160

Mercedes-Benz Capitalise on the Benefits of Digital Signage Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz first approached us in early 2012, enquiring about Digital Signage for their dealerships. Mercedes-Benz were looking for a partner to supply, deliver and install a signage solution they could easily rollout across dealerships. They wanted the signage to reflect the high standards of the Mercedes-Benz brand as well as being portable so they could move the screens as they reconfigure showrooms.
We supplied our Freestanding Digital Posters which met their requirements perfectly. With their tablet styling they have the premium design quality they were after. The integrated castors meant that the displays can be moved around easily. Images and videos could simply and quickly be updated via a USB stick. Delivering and installing the screens was relatively simple, with no mounting required it was an out of the box solution for Mercedes-Benz. In the years that followed Mercedes-Benz have found purchased over 40 displays for multiple locations.