by Lumi Legend Corporation | Booth: 1-E60,1-E70,2-E60

Speaker installations have never been this FAST or more profitable! Don’t miss out! LUMI AUDIO, one of China’s most trusted manufacturers of commercial and home audio products, will be exhibiting a new ceiling speaker that incorporates a revolutionary toolless installation mechanism. This new design automatically engages the dog legs when the speaker is inserted into the cutout hole while adjusting to surface thickness – effectively reducing installation time in half!
The quick installation mechanism and affordable price of LUMI AUDIO’s FLF-6TF combine to make it the perfect choice for today’s discriminating audio buyer while offering the installer/reseller increased sales and profits. Best of all, the FLF-6TF offers superior sound quality with wide, uniform dispersion for installations that require coverage over large areas including whole-house audio systems found in homes, offices, schools, restaurants and more.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see and experience the FLF-6TF up close at LUMI AUDIO’s booth located at 1-E60 at ISE 2019!