by Ksenia Security | Booth: 9-E176

New Expansion Module for motorized roller shutters Ksenia Security peripherals family auxi expands itself with a new device auxi-H. It is a module used with lares 4.0, the new IoT platform of Ksenia Security, for Security and
Home & Building Automation. auxi-H allows the management of motorized roller shutters (thus providing a new kind of system output), with the possibility of timed complete opening and closing. It is also possible to know
remotely the status of the rolling shutter, with indication of complete opening, complete closing or partial opening. Finally, the roller shutter can be controlled via the local buttons, and can monitor the access to doors/windows with the two generic alarm inputs and a specific input for shutter-type detectors. The functioning of the outputs is guaranteed through the use of the buttons connected to the local inputs even in case of failure of the control panel. Distributing the intelligence of the system it is possible to guarantee the system operation even in case of severe failure.