KNX is once again the Presenting Show Partner for ISE 2020. Joost Demarest, CTO, and Casto Canavate, Marketing Manager at KNX Association spoke to RISE about KNX’s philosophy, its latest IoT functionality, the latest version of its Engineering Tool Software and the association’s forthcoming 30th anniversary.

What is KNX’s mission?

Our mission is to develop and promote the KNX standard to establish it as the technology to create smart home and building solutions all over the world. Our vision is to have KNX in every imaginable home, building, office or project. Meanwhile KNX is present in nearly every country around the world. KNX Association has thus successfully put into place a strong community for anyone wishing to benefit from the latest smart homes and buildings developments. KNX works to make access to KNX easier still. This is what drives us every day.

What does KNX Association’s offering consist of today?

KNX needs to innovate even faster in order to keep its leading position in the field for smart homes and smart buildings. Recent results are, among others, the development of KNX Secure to make KNX the most secure multi-vendor home and building automation technology worldwide!

Also, the design, configuration and update of KNX installations is eased with every new release of the unique manufacturer-independent Engineering Tool Software (ETS).

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How has KNX responded to the emergence of the Internet of Things?

New technical solutions will be offered to our community to make it easier to bridge the world of smart homes and buildings with the complex world of IT. Thanks to KNX IoT, it will become easier to tap into the rich data contained in a KNX installation, even for parties not directly familiar with the KNX protocol: IT experts will be able to tap into their data using mechanisms they are familiar with (e.g. REST interfaces).
The data will be made available with rich semantics via enhanced export functionality supported in the next generation of ETS software, ETS 6. For instance, information on a temperature value will be offered with additional data to communicate that this is the set value (not the current value) of a particular room in the building, whereby it will be possible to browse further to discover the other functions available in that particular room.
Via this KNX IoT API, non-KNX IoT products will be able to understand data emanating from KNX much more easily.
As a further step, KNX envisages realising KNX fieldbus devices based on IPv6-compliant network solutions.

How does ETS 6 improve on previous versions?

The user interface will not simply be updated, it will be totally revamped. The new ETS 6 is therefore not only adapting to changing user needs, it is intended to make working with ETS easier than ever before. Furthermore, ETS 6 again aims to be the tool that can handle any product implementing any KNX system feature, be it KNX-RF, IoT or KNX Secure. Last but not least, a simplified licensing procedure in ETS 6 should help kick-start customers in no time.

Will people who are not trained in KNX be able to use ETS 6?

For any qualified installer or integrator, ETS is not rocket science: the integrator does not need any knowledge of programming languages, he or she simply can link the desired functions of the different KNX products via drag and drop.

However, KNX continues to investigate how this linking can be made easier (at channel level rather than at data point level), while still keeping fine-tuning possibilities for the real experts.

KNX Association therefore offers a wide choice of options for KNX beginners: from free online introduction courses, webinars, the KNX Virtual digital environment, up to certified courses. Visit and choose your preferred route to success.

2020 is the 30th anniversary of KNX. Will you be celebrating this at ISE?

The 30th anniversary is accompanied by prior sneak-peeks, actions, events and further surprises, all leading up to the ultimate celebration scheduled for 20 October 2020 – the day on which KNX will once again write history! To learn more about what is planned, visit the KNX booth: see how KNX will create a festive mood that will make it close to impossible to wait for the great party! If you already want to share a glass of champagne with us, come to the KNX Celebration Party on Thursday 13 February 2020 at the KNX booth (9-F120).