by BXB | Booth: 2-E50

ICP-5000 AV IoT AV Broadcasting and Environmental Control Solution 1) Schedule arrangement and auto-broadcasting without manual control: based on the user’s demands, ICP-5000 can preset and auto-execute time clocks and schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) without manual control. You can transmit 8 same/different sources to different places at the same time.
2) Protect personal safety as the mission: as any emergencies occur, the administrator can use CCTV and two-way intercom knowing the situation and hinder the suspect at the first time. It also works with APP to execute streaming broadcasting for emergent messages, greatly enhancing the efficacy of commanding.
3) Integration of environmental control: for smart campus, ICP-5000 can intelligently control the power of AV equipment, light, and air-conditioner adapted with the complicated school’s schedules.
4) Integration of Emergency Command: meeting rooms are not only for conferencing and discussion. As any emergent occasions occur, the meeting room can become a command center.