by BXB | Booth: 2-E50

BXB’s Q.con Video Conferencing Solution BXB offers simple and quick video conferencing solution. Q.con possesses outstanding video and audio quality. The user-friendly installation makes you carry out a meeting easily.
1) Speaker’s image auto-tracking: Q.con’s camera can auto-detect the speaker’s voice and close up the image, clearly showing the speaker’s facial expression and ensuring the discussion privacy.
2) Compatible with mainstream messaging software such as Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp, etc, making users enjoy the meeting as easy as used to be.
3) Smart sound processing: each Q.con ‘s microphone can accurately recognize human voice and avoid receiving other noises such as applause and private discussions. 30/45 seconds after the speaker finishing talking, the microphone would also turn off automatically.
Q.con can be applied for company meeting, customer service, educational training, and project collaboration. It makes people closer and make knowledge sharing more efficient and faster.