by BXB | Booth: 2-E50

BXB's FUN Conference Microphone Shines at the 49th Pacific Islands Forum BXB has multi-functional and different designs of conference systems that was regraded as the most suitable brand for this case:
1) From the outlook, FUN is definitely up to the standard. Its simple and elegant design is certified with iF Design Award and G-mark Design Award. Moreover, the microphone unit base is just 11.5cm length x 10cm width. The small size enlarges the table’s using space for the attendees.
2) The voice-activation mode of FUN microphone precisely recognizes the front speaker’s voice and then turn on automatically but would not be activated by the surrounded sound such as applause and the private discussion of other attendees.
3) Excellent sound processing technique: FUN can detect the speaker’s talking volume and then auto-adjust the sensitivity of sound reception, presenting the clearest sound quality and most adequate volume.
4) Working with BXB’s HDC-713 HD IP Camera, it could operate speaker’s image auto-tracking and close-up.