by Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces | Booth: 14-N100,14-N110,14-P110

A Completely New Concept in Huddle Space Design A new concept in huddle space design, the two-tier solution offers two separate spaces that can be used together or independently.

Tony Leedham, Director at Ashton Bentley, explains: “Huddle spaces have single use. Our Mulit-Aspect Collaboration Space offers a variety of seating options for various group sizes without people feeling they are a small group sitting at a large table”

Capable of having screens at both ends the system offers a Multi-Aspect solution. A circular high huddle table for 2 to 5 people, as well as a lower traditional shaped table with seating for up to 6 people, when more table space is required. The individual table spaces can also be used together as a single space to accommodate up to 11 people to both present and collaborate.

The space is demonstrated in partnership with Logitech, with the new Google G Suite, providing a unique 4K collaboration and communication solution for both open floor spaces and traditional meeting rooms.