by AREC Inc. | Booth: 13-F140

AREC CI-T21H Professional Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera During an event, presenter, lecturer or speaker needs to be free to move around in every direction. To ensure professional level of recording, AREC CI-T21H, your most committed follower, combines Full HD camera with precise auto-tracking, auto-zoom and auto-focus functions, in order to always keep the presenter in close-up.

AREC CI-T21H Camera utilizes AREC’s motion-sensitive and smooth tracking technology, ensuring that presenter is always in close-up, even if that person turns back to the audience or walks back and forth.

Combining RJ-45, HDMI and USB outputs, AREC Auto-Tracking Camera can be used with AREC Media Stations for Lecture Capture, any Video Conference System, either HW or SW-based, and even stream to a Live Streaming Service directly.

Welcome to experience, enjoy and be excited by the perfect performance of AREC Auto-Tracking Camera and AV-over-IP Solutions. Discover AREC at ISE 2019 (13-F140).