by Memphis Audiovisual | Booth: 1-N15

Amina offer preconfigured 4 channel fixed install amplifier The 1U high, rack mount Amina A100Q features no end user controls ensuring complete system security within fixed installations. The fully programmable amplifier features four line level inputs that are available to any one of four 100W power output stages. It also features two, line-level outputs and an internal Analogue Devices DSP processor, offering extremely capable and independent processing functionality to all six output channels that can all be configured individually with completely different algorithms. This includes equalisation, soft limiting and delay
Amina will individually preconfigure the A100Q to match integrators desired system architecture prior to shipping, tailoring the internal setup for specific speaker choice and system design.
The A100Q features an impressively low noise floor, allowing users complete freedom to relax and enjoy high quality listening using the company’s highly efficient and sensitive range of invisible speakers.