by AMC Baltic | Booth: 7-N205

AMC Baltic launches iMIX 5 audio zone router AMC Baltic, manufacturer of professional speakers and electronic, presents its latest solution for audio zone routing and paging. iMIX 5 zone router, MIC iMIX paging station and WC iMIX wall controller are designed as the complete solution for simple audio signal management. 4 audio sources can be routed in to 5 stereo zones with possibility of paging, remote audio source selection and control.

iMIX 5 can be controlled by RS232 and WC iMIX wall plate controllers. IMIX 5 has emergency signal priority terminal and the sound is muted during emergency announcements. Has a build in media player.

MIC iMIX paging station can be connected to iMIX 5 if paging microphone is required. It allows user to make announcements in each zone or all zones together, several chime settings available. Mic iMix can be set up to 500m away from main device.

With the help of WC iMIX wall plate controllers audio source can be selected in each zone. Volume level can be touch set and muted.