by Waapiti | Booth: 8-C271

7 main reasons to use Waapiti digital signage platform 1.Easy to use simple and user-friendly, Waapiti platform doesn’t require any technical knowledge to manage large networks of displays.
2.Scales up easily. Adding more players doesn’t mean spending large amounts of time. Tag your new players and you’re good to go!
3.Smart technology content and schedules based on tags. Define your content segments, tag content, players and schedules, and let the Waapiti platform do the rest!
4.Advanced features. Simple yet powerful! Advanced functionalities, such as templated content, online widgets, triggers, sensors, and much more!
5.Plug & play. Connect our players to any display and start playing content instantly.
6.Works offline. Having problems with your internet connection? Don’t worry, downloaded content keeps playing on schedule, even with connectivity issues.
7.Connect anywhere. Waapiti can power any type of display: projectors, videowalls, touchscreens, mobile devices, electronic shelf labels or LED panels.