by G2 Digital Video Ltd | Booth: 15-S282

2U Nano on Tour We are seeing an increasing need for rackmount PCs that are flight case-portable. Most media servers on the market today are too large and impractical to travel comfortably between different events, making transportation of the necessary kit awkward and time-consuming. We interviewed Lewis Kyle White (LKW) of Pixels & Noise, a well-regarded content and visual design company, to discover why our 2U Nano rackmount PC turned out to be the “perfect solution” to their problem.

The height of servers was a highly important factor for LKW – they had searched for a long time to discover a suitable chassis before coming across G2’s 2U Nano solution. The PC’s 370mm ultra-short-depth chassis means that there is plenty of room left within a flight case for any additional kit, or it could even conceivably be joined by a second 2U Nano within the same rack. The machine itself is extremely robust and durable too, making it very secure during transit. LKW’s PC even visited ISE last year!