by Oray / Erard Pro | Booth: 3-C90

New Brochure - ORAY Projection Systems The ORAY Projection Systems team will be pleased to provide the new product catalogs in digital format.

Practical, the USB key holding both the catalog of projection screens and audiovisual accessories and the one of Home Cinema Seats is easily transportable.

You will be able to visualize our products everywhere or to present them directly to your customers and incorporate your notes and other documents.

In addition to the digital catalogs, we wanted to provide additional elements such as product sheets, manuals and additional visuals presenting ORAY products.

Direct access to our website will allow you to contact us with a simple clic ! With the 2019 edition of our catalog, you will have the whole ORAY world and everything you need at your fingertips !

Come and meet our team on our booth 3-C90 to request your 100% digital catalog.
This action parallels our goals of responsible business and environmental initiatives.