by t-WIN Technology Service Inc., | Booth: 15-U295

【Software】 for iBOX  & AiR²BOX t-WIN has developed in-built software for iBOX and AiR²BOX, they can edit video and image sources quite conveniently to rotate, horizontally or vertically zoom images. iBOX can meet the demand of all kinds of environments and requirements. You can set up in the irregular video wall for any degrees angle TV screen with no limitations on the number of displays. AiR²BOX is a dynamic irregular video wall box. The content stays intact or rotates with the TV screen, makes display rotate 360 degrees angle clockwise or counter-clockwise. Besides, the content in Rotating TV screen could be compatible with content either in other Rotating TV screen or Static TV screen. Above settings, all through software by iBOX irregular video wall processor software and AiR²BOX 360° dynamic irregular video wall processor software.