by YDEA | Booth: 15-B200, 12-A70

YIPLED Transparent LED Display Date: 13th Oct, 2017
Location: Mobile phone shop, Portales shopping Mall, Guatemala City  
Project Information: Jade screen series / P3.9*7.8 / 6㎡
Located in Guatemala City, as the famous shopping mall, Portales is the ideal place for people to have unforgettable shopping experiences with family and friends. By just putting one YIPLED transparent LED display behind the window, this phone shop in Guatemala Portales Mall successfully attracted huge attention from all passers-by, even people on different floors came to have a look purposely. 
Thanks to the high transparency (>85%) of YIPLED transparent LED screen, the nice indoor design and indoor display can still be viewed by passers-by, at the same time, vivid and high-quality video/pictures can be showed on the screen. What’s more, because of YIPLED unique 160° viewing angle, attention from all directions can be attracted.