by YDEA | Booth: 15-B200, 12-A70

Creating a more efficient and valuable urban media YIPLED SMART transparent led display screen with high transparency, simple, smart and high brightness turn commercial environments where need advertising, such as glass window, glass façade or large indoor (commercial) spaces into a more valuable media that with unique visual impact.
YIPLED products retain graceful appearance and high transparency, becoming a media that totally new, irreplaceable and more extensive for commercial applications, and leveraging the larger advertising markets .
YIPLED Products system:Jade Screen Series, Ice Screen Series, Rental Screen Series, and soft system.
Transform the glass into an advertising medium.A more valuable ad slot can be developed.You can see through screen and it doesn’t block the view, And meet city’s management demands on outdoor advertising.Unique visual impact;Enhancing the awareness and favorability of outdoor advertisement; Increase the shopping rate and conversion rate.