by PureLink | Booth: 14-H200

PureLink Goes Beyond 4K A lot of companies offer 4K, but not all are the same. PureLink operates around 5 points of delivery: intelligence, resources, products, service, and support. They’re known for their commitment to the development, distribution and servicing of the highest quality solutions. Beyond 4K means PureLink People; developing and testing each system, and selling, distributing and supporting each product. “We pride ourselves on being there when you need us, before and after the sale,” stated Howard Schilling, PureLink’s Director of Sales. “We’ll answer the late night technical questions, schedule visits from technicians, or sift through the long e-mail chains to make sure it all comes together seamlessly,” he added. It’s about more than hardware, what matters are the people that stand behind that hardware. Beyond 4K means they’re more than just a technology company, they make that technology work, every time. Since 2001 that’s the difference PureLink People have made.