by Wall-Smart | Booth: 2-E80

Wall-Smart Retrofit Mounts Wall-Smart retrofit mounts were born from the field, with integrators and partners asking to develop an in-wall mount for existing construction that will allow them to install flush in-wall devices, without having to do any drywall or paint work due to time limitations, construction constraints and other requirements.

Integrators love our retrofit mounts since they solve a real problem in the smart building industry. With constantly changing and upgrading devices, dealers are left with a hole in the wall where the old device was, looking for an aesthetic solution to install the new device in the wall.

The Retrofit mounts are cutting edge 5-minutes-installation mounts. The mounts are made of a base and a bezel. These mounts are perfect for upgrades from older devices, and truly enable integrators to provide their clients the best looking in-wall result without any real construction. The mounts are nearly flush, providing the most aesthetic result & minimal visual impact