by Sonifex | Booth: 10-K167

Sonifex New Passive Packs Sonifex is showing a new range called Passive Packs. Six in all which use transformers to change audio input/output impedances and levels to distribute audio signals. They have no power supply. The CM-HPR1 Headphone Volume Control and the CM-HPX1 Headphone Volume Control allow the connection of a stereo balanced line to create a headphone output. The CM-HPR1 uses a RJ45 with StudioHub+™ pinout and is transformer balanced, whereas the CM-HPX1 uses two female XLRs.
The CM-LUR1 and CM-LUX1 are Balanced to Unbalanced Audio Converters. Both convert a stereo balanced line input to a stereo unbalanced line output on phono connectors, with the CM-LUR1 using an RJ45 with StudioHub+™ pinout and the CM-LUX1 using two female XLRs. The CM-ULR1 and CM-ULX1 are Unbalanced to Balanced Audio. Both convert a stereo unbalanced line input on phono connectors to a balanced line output, but the CM-ULR1 does this using an RJ45 with StudioHub+™ pinout and the CM-ULX1 does so with two male XLRs.