by Schertler SA | Booth:

Schertler TEDDY Professional Stage Monitor Schertler’s new 200W compact analogue stage monitor is perfect for live performances, theatres, houses of worship and other places where high-quality monitoring is needed. Featuring a sleek shape and “low profile”, it can be placed near to performers for maximum audibility without creating a visual obstacle for the audience or congregation. TEDDY has a coaxial speaker for constant sound directivity. Its specific inclination angle is ideal for both standing and seated performance. An intuitive control panel includes a single Sensitivity knob for adjusting the signal level from -9dB to +6dB: this enables finer regulation of the signal sent from the mixer. An EQ switch provides two pre-shaped curves for adjusting the sound, while a Ground Lift switch protects the signal from unwanted ground noise. XLR input and output connectors enable a chain of monitors to be set up – all connected to the same audio signal path. TEDDY is available in either a wood or anthracite finish.