by BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. | Booth: 8-E265

Q.con- Your Best Partner for Business Video Conference Q.con possesses outstanding video and audio quality. The user-friendly installation makes you carry out a meeting easily.

1) Each participant possesses high sound quality microphone, as holding a meeting with a real person: equipped with AGC control, noise suppression, and echo deletion. Moreover, the cardioid microphone only receives the voice of the front speaker. Therefore, it allows other attendees holding side discussions.

2) HD video image and image auto-tracking with auto-focus function: even a meeting is held in a large conference room, each attendee’s image can be seen clearly.

3) Plug-and-play USB without installing any driver: just use USB cable connecting with your PC to hold a basic video conference. You can also use HDMI cable connecting with LCD monitor to make the meeting agenda or discussion content show on the screen.

4) Simply use familiar instant messaging tools: supports normally-used tools such as Wechat, Skype, and Hangouts.