by OMB srl | Booth: 2-E50

Lift Line OMB, the Italian manufacturer of professional supports for Audio-Video, added to its range of new video support. The new product, who is named Electric Up-Down Maxi, is a trolley with an electric arm who has a stroke of over 500 mm which is able of supporting maxi screens up to 90" and 150 Kg; the monitors can be lift-up 240mm more thanks to the support frame manual adjustment. The structure, built in aluminum, has been designed to be solid and stable thanks to a base over 110 cm and a depth of 71 cm. With these features you may think of a heavy and bulky support: in truth OMB works for professionals and this way they developed a trolley easy to move and placed after use thanks to the rotating wheels and to the center columns with variable height. Electric Up-Down Maxi is ideal for all that situations where a digital signage has to be installed in a flexible and not cumbersome but it has to be able to ensure solidity and robustness for serving the image.