by CHIAYO | Booth: 7-E778

LEADERS IN PORTABLE PA A portable amplifier is popular in both outdoor and indoor activities, and it may come in various sizes and functions to satisfy the requirements. Taking a small open stage event for instance, more than two wireless microphones and 100-watt power output are usually essential to cover the entire operation. Most portable amplifiers in market are equipped with no more than two wireless microphones, which are meant only for hosts but not enough for further interaction with the audience or more guests. APEX PRO can be installed with up to 6 wireless microphones for all potential participants in an activity.
Besides, under its top hides a spacious compartment catering up to 4 wireless microphones, a power supply and power cable, making it truly “wireless”. APEX PRO’s speaker system consists of 1”HF and 10”LF that provide 200-watt output with Class D amplifier. For extension on larger coverage, its bi-amp design also provides 200-watt active output for an external 4-8Ω speaker.