We spoke to Joost Demarest, CTO, and Casto Canavate, Marketing Manager, at KNX Association about what it looks to achieve from its Presenting Show Partner status, and why ISE is such an important show on the KNX calendar.

How do you describe KNX to someone who hasn’t heard of it?

KNX was one of the very first home and building automation systems, and has been on the market for almost 30 years. KNX is still the state of the art because with technical evolutions of the KNX system, it has been able to adapt to new market demands, such as wireless communication, and an increased awareness for secure technology in smart homes and buildings. KNX has worked, is working and will continue to work on solutions that are the most suitable, most updated and most secure available, thereby keeping strict downward compatibility.

The beauty of KNX is its integration: all KNX devices work together, regardless of manufacturer. This allows the implementation of whatever solution for your smart home you can imagine – there are no boundaries for making a home or building smart when you use KNX. In summary, KNX combines all possible solutions, with an unlimited choice of products of more than 450 manufacturers, into one simple, connected and secure smart home or building.

Why is the ISE audience an important one for KNX?

Joost Demarest

Joost Demarest

ISE has seen a spectacular increase in the number of visitors, as well as in the variety of applications shown. This is underpinned by the steady growth in the number of exhibitors with every new edition. Every year more KNX members report interest in participating in the exhibition. ISE is one of the most important trade fairs on the KNX calendar, and around 40 KNX members will be exhibiting at ISE 2019. This is undoubtedly a good sign for the market. We think that not only integrators and installers but also their customers will find the new developments very attractive – as KNX is capable of fully integrating the entire living and working environment including home and building automation, multimedia and IT. As such, our hope for ISE is that it will help us increase the demand for KNX solutions.

At ISE 2019, the success of KNX will reach a new dimension that nobody could have expected a couple of years back. Today, KNX is a proud exclusive Presenting Show Partner of ISE, joining forces to expand the scope from AV integration to full integration solutions in the sector of smart homes and smart building.

In which markets do you think KNX technology has the greatest potential for growth?

Traditionally, KNX started its activities in Europe where it has been present and well established for many years. In 2011, KNX began its internationalisation activity outside Europe and today is present in 45 countries on all continents.

The KNX standard – which is approved as an international standard – has also been officially approved in China and Australasia as local standards. Therefore, KNX has great potential in these countries, next to the United States and Japan.

How does KNX technology interact with the Internet of Things?

casto canavate

Casto Canavate

For many years, KNX has been offering solutions to connect your smart home and buildings solutions to the internet (via IP). Today, IoT is having a big impact on markets and so KNX has listened to new demands and is currently working to extend its technology. In fact, KNX IoT is currently the main focus of the technology development and marketing efforts at KNX Association.

The goal of KNX IoT is to fully merge the world of the internet with the world of KNX. KNX IoT aims to reduce the current required KNX knowledge and open the current KNX ecosystem to non-KNX IT specialists through ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, while still allowing advanced configuration and adaption by specialists.

In other words, the KNX protocol becomes more accessible to link a non-KNX product (such as Sonos, Alexa…) to KNX; also, true KNX IoT devices become a possibility, using IP protocols like https and CoAP to communicate. Even on IP, KNX will thus bring an integrated solution that is standardised and accepted by all professionals.

What is your ultimate goal for KNX?

 The ultimate goal for KNX is that the technology is used in every application in a smart home or building, making everybody’s life and work more comfortable, secure and foremost: better!