by AV EMEA BV | Booth: 1-Q120, 1-Q115, 1-Q113

WIREWORLD's Groundbreaking Speaker Cable EVO-SNAKE debuts at ISE The Wireworld Evo-Snake was developed to avoid the audible loss of conventional cable, because music that
has passed through a conventional audio snake sounds smeared and compressed when compared to the original incoming signal. A conventional snake’s conductors consist of strands that are twisted and spiraled to create flexibility. Those twists and turns also create a type of
electromagnetic loss called eddy current resistance. This effect is similar to the swirling currents in rivers, also called eddy currents, which slow down the flow of water. Likewise in audio cables, eddy currents slow down the leading edges of the signal waveforms, blurring and coloring the sound. Eddy current losses are the main reason why music that has passed through conventional snake cables sounds less detailed and lifelike than the original signal. So now you know!