by OneAV – PureLink GmbH / HDANYWHERE | Booth: 1-N110

HDMI Premium Certified Cables The Premium Label is only given to cables warranting these properties:

• 4K/Ultra HD: Resolutions of 4.096 x 2.160 pixel
• HDR: Extended colour space, increased dynamic range
• Frame rates up to 60Hz
• Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®:: three-dimensional audio formats
• HDMI 2.0b
• Support of full 18 Gbps bandwidth
• Minimized interference with wireless signals

The Premium Label guarantees future-proof product quality. By using a unique anti-counterfeiting QR code, certification is easily verifiable any time.

The PureLink PS3000 Premium HDMI cable is the reliable companion for any UltaHD / 4K / 2160p transmission.