by Elo Touch Solutions | Booth: 8-E185

Choose large with Elo's new large-size open frames! Elo, a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, today announced its new 4343L and 5543L large-format, open-frame touchscreens. Available with industry-leading TouchPro Pro-M projected capacitive (PCAP) technology, the new 43-inch and 55-inch models deliver up to 12 touches simultaneously with a fast, accurate touch experience. Boasting a sleek, 2.6-inch profile, these touchscreens enable a slim kiosk design for self-service applications where space is limited, including retail, restaurants, hotels, gaming, transportation and medical. Elo provides long-lasting product availability and consistent form factor over product generations, minimizing kiosk enclosure costs by ensuring compatibility for future touchscreen versions. With the ability to grab a user’s attention, the large-format, open-frame touchscreens are ideal for both public venue self-service kiosks and built-in installs.