by Morel | Booth: 7-W220

Don’t miss! Come listen to the new PowerSlim 1.55" depth architectural Hi-Fi speakers! Morel’s new PowerSlim in-wall provides an innovative high fidelity solution for tight wall and ceiling spaces where standard recessed speakers are impossible to install. Leveraging advance patented transducer technology, the PowerSlim measures an unprecedented 1.55” depth and offers a non-compromising high fidelity sound performance.

As people use their living space more efficiently, the size of speakers will become more critical. The new PowerSlim keeps up with today’s market demands providing installers the option to install super shallow speakers that are frameless with paintable grilles, anywhere they wish while maintaining a high fidelity and a rich musical experience.

VISIT US and hear for yourself ISE 2018 – HALL 7, STAND V-198