by CUE, a.s. | Booth: 1-F120

keypadCUE-55 The keypadCUE-55 is a fully customizable button control panel compatible with all CUE’s controllers. This easy to use control interface connects to controllers to offer a wide variety of functions such as display on and off, input switching, volume and mute control, etc. The keypad provides eight buttons and programmable indication in each button.
Every button can be configured for any function. User defined button’s label can be printed on a printer and inserted into the keypad.
Featuring a beautiful architectural finish, these keypad is an elegant and powerful wall mounted control panel designed to be installed onto a standard European electrical wall box as well as into a cable enclosure.

The keypadCUE-55 is suitable for simple room control systems and it is fully compatible with PANCONNECT interconnection tabletop boxes. Simple installation using flexible clips, no screws required.