by BXB | Booth: 8-E265

Optimizes Your Meeting Experiences BXB considers user’s demands as the starting point to create user-friendly FUN microphone that can be adapted with various operation modes and environments.

1) Considerate design of LED indicator ring: normally, the indicator light is very close to the speaker’s eyes, which can pollute eyes for long. Therefore, BXB specially puts the LED ring inside of the microphone and cover it with windscreen soft sponge so that in-use speakers will not be influenced by the light.

2) Ingenuity of design: the design of FUN’s weight and structure ensures steady base and prevents the base from scratching against table and making any inconvenience.

3) Minimum microphone base: attendees usually have documents, stationary and personal staffs during the meeting. So, BXB minimizes the base size to save the maximum space for attendees. FUN can be the smallest table-top microphone all over the world.