by Lumi Legend Corporation | Booth: 2-E60, 1-E60, 1-E70

Best Supplier of Ergonomic Solution Products in China LUMI ergo offers a variety of ergonomic classified products including monitor arms, sit-stand desks, sit-stand desktop converters, monitor risers, foot rests and accessories (cable management, CPU mounts, etc). Our products help people work and live better. They’re designed to promote healthy working postures. The simple change of postures decreases the risk of chronic diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle and other musculoskeletal disorders caused by poorly designed computer workstations. Also, the improvement of health will reduce the cost of healthcare and increase productivity.As the ergonomic working environment gaining popularity, the ergonomic furniture market has experienced double-digit growth in recent years and it is very likely to maintain the rapid growth in the future. There is great opportunity of introducing our ergonomic products in CE market, office market and furniture market, regarding the huge benefits it brings to individual health and business performance.