by Allsee Technologies | Booth: 8-C166

Bespoke Outdoor Digital Signage Solution for De-Icing Planes at Gatwick Airport Allsee Technologies were tasked with manufacturing a bespoke solution that allowed pilots at Gatwick Airport to check the progress of the de-icing process. The customer needed five 65” screens to be used on different runways across the airport.
We manufactured a custom outdoor solution using a high brightness panel with an ambient light sensor so that the display was sunlight readable when it needed to be. A waterproof IP65 rated stainless steel enclosure was used and an internal air conditioning system was implemented so that the screen could withstand the most extreme adverse weather conditions. This air conditioning system was triggered if the screen dropped below the optimum temperate range of the LCD panel.
The most challenging aspect of this project was that the screen needed to be battery powered and high brightness panels have a very high power consumption rate. A 24 DC battery was used which charged quickly using military grade solar panel technology.